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Welcome to the Web site of renowned author Peggy Vonsherie Allen. Peggy's latest book "The Pecan Orchard, Journey of a Sharecropper's Daughter" has received rave reviews.
It tells the true story of the struggle, survival, and ultimate success of a large black family in south Alabama who, in the middle decades of the 20th century, lifted themselves out of poverty to achieve the American dream of property ownership. Descended from slaves and sharecroppers in th Black Belt region, this family of hard-working parents and their thirteen children is mentored by its matriarch, Moa, the author's
beloved great grandmother, who passed on to the family, along with other cultural wealth, her recipe for moonshine.

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“Not since Theodore Rosengarten’s All God’s Dangers has there been such a moving and detailed narrative of rural black life. 
     "Perhaps the most important quality of any memoir is its voice. Many people have compelling stories to tell, but there are few who can deliver them well. The Pecan Orchard is notably successful in this regard. Allen’s method of narration is simple and direct, wholly without artifice. It also possesses a quiet authority and confidence that are thoroughly captivating.
     “The Pecan Orchard is a memorable read and altogether one of the best Alabama books this year.”—Mobile Press-Register
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